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UntitledOver the past few years, social media has moved fast and has taken its hold in the world of business. Retail brands, in particular, are testing and learning how to increase their online presence and make their brand strategies work on social media platforms. American luxury leather goods company, Coach, is one brand that has managed to master Social Media. For instance, catering to its new market, China, Coach developed a campaign on WeChat titled “Win Gifts on Horseback”, which is also a Chinese pun meaning ‘win gifts immediately’. (WeChat  is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed in  China, first released in January 2011). The campaign comprises of three parts: draw for winning a handbag, a New Year’s wallpaper download, and a red envelope with a gift card and coupon lottery.

“Just Do it.” We’ve all heard the phrase; we’ve all used it. The famous line is the slogan of global sportswear brand Nike, and remains the driving force behind the company’s culture, marketing, product development, and customer experience. It’s very difficult to mention Nike in a conversation without referencing the catchphrase, which has become synonymous with the brand and everything it stands for.

One of the most challenging tasks for designers in the Middle East is to make Arabic & Latin work together in design layouts, especially in brand marks. Many designs are simply developed to visually scream at us as we walk across a mall or drive down a street. Signposts are created just to be seen, many a times forgetting the importance of creating an aesthetically inviting melody of colour type & shape.

Healthcare issues are highly personal and often emotional, making it more challenging for consumer healthcare companies to establish a credible and trustworthy healthcare brand. It’s not enough to just provide good products or services—that’s expected. Whether you’re a hospital, a pharmaceutical company, a medical supply company, or just an independently practicing doctor- your brand needs to connect with consumers, stay competitive, and be profitable.

To get your brand started, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 most definitive elements that create and sustain a successful and “healthy” healthcare brand.

Just last week, Justin Timberlake released a teaser video with hashtag #JTUAE, that created a stir on social media; frenzied JT loyalists and fans took to Twitter and Facebook with the hopes of finding out if their beloved artist would be performing in the UAE as a part of his upcoming World Tour.