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 How much does the right brandmark do for you? A lot, we’d say.

Surrounded by hundreds of “designs” nowadays, there are only a few that manage to leave an impression – one, in recent times, being the logo of the city of Melbourne.

Gulf Ozzies (yes there is such an animal) are getting more and more excited by the day about the imminent arrival of more flying Kangaroos in Dubai. The first Qantas A380 limped into Dubai with an engine problem 2 years ago. Now they’re about to migrate en masse from Singapore to Qantas’ new Dubai hub.

  The vibrant, modern, progressive, business-centric city has a warm, soothing sound to its name that reflects its origins as a small fishing and trading village but which now resonates so well with grandeur, sparkling skyscrapers, modernity, ambition and opportunity.

Art and culture enthusiasts in Dubai attended Art Night for the fourth time this year at the ever-popular Gate Village in DIFC. Like its past seasons, the event this time too successfully showcased some of the best works in art and mixed media.

They say it is the little things in life that make it worthwhile – today, unlike most days, I was not battling the metro rush hour and managed to get a seat on my way to work. With my Ipod playing my favorite tunes I assumed today’s commute would be relaxing and picturesque – but I was in for a surprise.

“Hands Free Touch Screen” – boggles your mind doesn’t it? Sitting in the audience at the Dubai Lynx Festival, 2012, I too wondered what Mr. Tom Eslinger, Creative Directive at Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, had in store for us as he pulled up his presentation titled “Hands Free Touch Screen”.  What he spoke about from thereon was undoubtedly one of the most intriguing things I’d ever come across.

A Brand that is authentic, passionate, modern and a fighter determined to stand out from the rest.

The FIAT brand stands for discovery through passionate self-expression. It encourages people to be in charge of their lives, live confidently and celebrate the smallest of things with infectious excitement. That philosophy is embodied by the North American introduction of the iconic Fiat 500 or Cinquecento – a small car that lives big. Italian at heart and rooted in a rich heritage, the 500 is synonymous with modern simple design blending form, function and a pride of ownership that is genuine.

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