Luxury Watch & Jewellery Brochure 2010

James recently designed a stunning watch & jewellery brochure for the luxury retail team of Fifty One East store in Doha Qatar.

The thirty six page brochure, bilingual arabic english, featured a selection of the most exclusive collections from internationally renowned watches, and diamond jewellery in the middle east region.



Cover of the brochure was a hallmark of our design authenticity, a special unique mixed rose gold, with uv varnishes. Internal pages complimented with pascal colour palettes harmonising shape, with alluring product imagery.

Rather specially the atelier James team researched and designed a unique historic timeline, this featured 50 years of Rolex timepieces supplied and sold in Qatar, along with iconic Rolex advertising and Qatar story.

The brochure has brought a new voice to watch and jewellery communication, it was eagerly collected by both consumers and suppliers as a limited edition 2011.

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