A Distinctive Fashion Brand for a Distinctive Concept

About This Project

A new concept store offering cutting-edge high-street fashion in a unique industrial space needed a fitting name and identity design. Aspiring to be the new go-to brand for urban fashionistas, the store targeted millennials in particular; catering to their ever-evolving tastes and desire for new ideas and experiences.

A distinctive brand for a distinctive concept


A deep dive into the concept store’s offerings uncovered its differentiator of being an always-in-the-know, trend setting brand that offered multi-brand fashion in an urban space. Defining it as an upbeat, confident, and approachable brand, we highlighted that it is here that one can really experiment with fashion, find unique pieces and decode their style; leading us to the brand name — decode. “decode your style” as the brand essence captures the soul of the fashionable concept store brand.

Creative Solution

With a digital look and feel, decode’s brand identity reflects the brand essence of “decode your style”. Exploring and experiment with type, we crafted a memorable wordmark that visually represents code. A colour palette of black, grey and blue pays homage to the store’s industrial environment and a graphic language of digits+code enables the brand to embrace the trend of digitisation and furthers the dynamic nature of the brand identity.

decode’s brand identity is versatile and always evolving, very much like fashion itself.