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Articulating a healthcare portfolio
Gulf Healthcare International

About This Project

Gulf Healthcare International is a Dubai based Healthcare group that invests in healthcare across the region with a portfolio of laboratories and private clinics in the GCC. To meet Gulf Healthcare International’s ambitious expansion plans to grow through acquisitions and joint ventures a strategic branding programme was crucial. The objective was to come up with a solution for a diverse healthcare portfolio allowing a flexibility that would accommodate future expansions catering to a variety of market segments.

Articulating a healthcare portfolio


The aim was to develop a strategy to achieve maximum value for the business. After a brand audit comprising workshops, customer research, focus groups and stakeholder interviews an architecture was built with a simplicity of structure to make Gulf Healthcare International more comprehensible to all stakeholders with a flexibility to accommodate it’s ambitions of expanding it’s portfolio. Gulf Healthcare International was positioned as an investor facing brand, all other brands were external facing designed for their specific target audience. Based on this architecture we developed positioning and naming for the healthcare portfolio.

Creative Solution

An identity system for Gulf Healthcare International and its clinic brands that comprised of Peninsula Healthcare Group, Amber and Atria clinics were developed.

Each clinic brand was crafted to meet its strategic objectives and engage with its specific target segment. GHI’s business focus was on launching and building awareness for Amber clinics as a trusted accessible healthcare brand.


The strategic platform and architecture developed for GHI assisted in clearly articulating it’s healthcare portfolio. GHI has quickly grown to establish itself as one of the major players for healthcare improvement across the GCC. Amber Clinics was launched in 2010 with it’s new identity system and visual language. It successfully expanded its operations and built strong awareness in the market. Currently Amber is one of the most visible healthcare brands in the UAE providing affordable, quality healthcare to the people of the GCC.

Project Summary

Brand Audit

Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Brand Naming

Brand Identity

Visual Tone of Voice

Corporate Communication Suite

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