Building a fresh butchery brand for the region

About This Project

The company formerly known as Mawashi liked things so much that the new name and retail brand design was adopted for both corporate and retail sides of its business. A bold step by a brave client! With ‘butchery’ and ‘supermarket’  fast becoming interchangeable terms and meat increasingly an impulse rather than a considered purchase,  the commoditisation of meat was identified as a critical strategic insight.

Building a fresh butchery brand for the region


Quite simply, our strategy hinged on putting personality back into the retail meat business to differentiate real butchers from supermarket meat counters. Our work proposed training, service, hygiene and sheer craftsmanship is what it takes to be a genuine Meat Specialist qualified to advise customers on the health benefits of red meat. The exclusive importer of Australian meat and owner of the country’s only slaughterhouse gave our client an additional edge and the credibility to make the definitive promise ‘Qatar’s Freshest Meat’.

Creative Solution

Widam, a unique and relevant Arabic word describing an essential part of any meal is now the name behind a stock exchange listed meat trading company and its retail focused consumer promise ‘Fresh & Healthy Meat from Specialists’. Widam reflects lifestyles and values common to Arabs and Westerners putting meat at the heart of enjoyment, fun, health, vitality and lively family activities.

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