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A strong brand is instrumental in reinforcing a good reputation, encouraging loyalty, assuring quality, and reiterating positive perceptions. Brand associations and relationships are crucial for a brand’s success, and its name is one of the first introductions to the brand. Making it memorable and distinctive helps the brand stand out and connect emotionally with its consumers. Investing in a brand’s name is the first crucial step towards building positive associations and sustaining its success.

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2. Delivering Successful Healthcare Brands

The healthcare industry is one of the most stable and consistently high-performing industries globally; thought, it is also highly regulated and competitive. To survive in such an environment, it is imperative for a brand to remain differentiated from competitors and build a loyal customer base that values, trusts, and respects its expertise, capabilities, and believes in the brand promise.

Recognizing the above challenges in the healthcare industry, this paper outlines how one can build a successful healthcare brand with a distinct competitive advantage.

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3. The Growing Focus on Sensory Branding

In the face of growing competition and declining consumer loyalty, brands today are continuously on the outlook for new means of survival. Sensory Branding, a tool that has been around for years but has only been noticed fairly recently, has emerged as a key differentiator.

This paper outlines the benefits of Sensory Branding, citing successful brands as examples, and encouraging brands, particularly home-grown brands in the MENA region, to adopt it as part of their brand strategies. Delving further into best practices for implementation, the paper also sets the stage for marketers to consider, and potentially incorporate, Sensory Branding in their 2014 Marketing Strategies.

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4. The Economic & Branding Importance of Home-Grown MENA Brands

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has seen an emergence of home-grown brands. However, a brief analysis of three major global brand rankings from Millward Brown Optimor, Interbrand and Brand Finance show that brands from the MENA region have a lot more potential for growth, with only few ever making it to the global top 500 brands. Consequently, the economic importance of brands for the MENA region remains largely underrated.

We believe that there is a great opportunity now to advance MENA brands to the next stage of their development and to put them on the list of top global brands over the next five to ten years.

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Every customer facing company has a brand. Your brand is a promise and a customer selects you based on a number of diverse, often unarticulated expectations. You might have been through a branding exercise recently and your brand looks fresh. But is your new brand promise delivering against customers’ expectations? Is it aligned with your customers’ brand experience?

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