Inspiring engagement every single day

About This Project

Emirates Dubai Headquarters is also home to the Emirates flight crew processing centre where hundreds of crew use the facility every day for briefings, boarding flights and debriefing when returning. The project points the way to wonderful agency/client collaboration and team effort to deliver a stunning masterpiece of  visual communication.

Inspiring engagement every single day


The big idea was to inspire, motivate and empower crew to represent the brand in its broadest sense every time they interact with all passengers. From a personal point of view James Branding wanted the work to be future proofed; work that would stand the test of time.

Environmental design does not stop at bricks and mortar. It should reinforce high-end positioning of the Crew Processing Centre and use involvement techniques  that enhance the experience by adding an informative emotional dimension.

With a truly multicultural crew of over one hundred and fifty different nationalities flying to over one hundred destinations there is a clear need to inform the crew about places that Emirates service.

Creative Solution

Our plan was to deliver a three-dimensional brand journey and post-training experience that inspires way beyond the capability of flat artwork.

We further enhanced the brand experience, optimizing impact by selecting and recommending; colours, imagery, fabrics, metals and lighting that gave a more realistic perception of textures and surfaces.

Our understanding of the imperative function of visual messaging, imagery and colour was essential for creating the supportive brand spaces.

Project Summary

Brand Environment

Brand Strategy

Visual Tone of Voice


Environmental Execution

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