Crafting a Brand for the Quintessential Woman of Today

About This Project

Having identified a gap in the jewellery market in the GCC our retail client wanted to launch a line of Parisian jewellery that targeted upper middle class women who aspired jewellery crafted by French artisans.

A brand crafted for the quintessential woman of today


During stakeholder discussion and interviews we learnt that one of the key attributes of the new jewellery line is its commitment to exceptional design and craftsmanship, at an affordable price. Unlike other brands in the market our client wanted to create jewellery that spoke to, and was accessible to, all.

These traits of design brilliance, creative flair, and impeccable finesse are what inspired the brand name, Âme. The French word for soul, Âme is “jewellery that touches the soul”. The name not only pays homage to French artisans but also forges a deep emotional bond with audiences.

Profiling the Âme woman, the brand’s strategy is built around femininity, charm, and timeless allure. Âme is for those who are looking to express themselves, not afraid to stand out. With its statement pieces and beautiful designs Âme is for the modern woman of today.

Creative Solution

We began our creative journey with research on women in the course of history who dared to be different: just as the Âme woman. In our search we came across the forgotten yet revolutionary designer Margaine Lacroix, who caused a sensation in 1908 Paris with her dresses that abolished the corset structure to reveal the shape of women. Lacroix’s endeavor to highlight a woman’s most inner essence, coupled with the brand name, inspired us to create a brand identity that underlines a woman’s most inner self – her soul.

Âme’s wordmark features a delicate vertical crossbar in the letter  to highlight the essence of the wearer while the colours gold and emerald work as a visual representation of timeless elegance and tranquility. A graphic language of curved shapes represents vivid, free flowing movement, just like the free spiritedness of the Âme woman.

Complementing Âme’s visual identity is an image library that we created through brand photo shoots. Through its various creative elements Âme comes across as confident and elegant, appealing to today’s woman.