Rebranding a leading Omani National Investment Company

About This Project

ONIDCO, Oman National Investments Development Company, is a full-fledged Omani investment company that  has been a principal investor in several major Omani companies, such as The Wave, Muscat, Octal Petrochemicals,  Oman Investment Corporation, Takaful, amongst others. In addition, it has also invested in private equity and direct investment funds, with the sole objective of earning financial returns.

ONIDCO’s investment in a new brand


Part of the challenge for ONIDCO was to establish a new name with a befitting strategy and positioning.  The company name was deemed too long and the company brand architecture too complicated. ONIDCO needed a name and architecture that allowed potential investors to immediately understand the nature and essence of the Omani investment brand. Accordingly, James Branding developed the new brand strategy, which led up to the new company name, ‘Tanmia’, the Arabic word for coming together, investing and trust.

Creative Solution

Tanmia’s brand identity draws its distinction from regional heritage, whilst building on its individuality and value, thereby maintaining a consistent professional image while elevating its legacy. The identity is a modern treatment of arabesque shape/form: the divergent lines represent visual intelligence and internal investment, and the changing colours allow the brand to work as ‘living brand’ across its digital touch points.

The final result is an investment brand that is recognizable and relevant across the Gulf without being cold and impersonal, and instead is a close, arabesque brand that appeals to an international audience.


Tanmia manages assets valued at more than RO 147 million and with such a great stature in Oman, we wanted this to be clearly reflected in the brand identity and name. Thus, the identity portrays reliability and strength with it’s classic and timeless design, appealing to all stakeholders – for years to come.

Project Summary

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Brand Naming


Brand Architecture

Visual Tone of Voice

Brand Identity