Creating a truly unique financial services brand

About This Project

A saturated financial services market required a partner that truly listened, understood and provided. Deem a joint venture between Mubadala Investment Company and Singapore based Fullerton Financial Holding aimed to be that partner.

Creating A Truly Unique Financial Services Brand


As we undertook the brand audit our objective was clear: to not lose Deem in market clutter, as one that overpromises but under delivers. Especially, as immersive stakeholder interviews made evident just how dedicated Deem is towards creating financial products that support people from all walks of life. The more we interacted with Deem and the more industry-wide research we conducted, the clearer it became – Deem helps ‘realise aspirations’ unlike any other.

With this guiding thought Deem’s strategic platform is built around the pillars of openness, transparency and accessibility. Deem is for the community: empowering all to build a prosperous financial future.

The building blocks of Deem’s brand strategy also inspire its name. The Arabic word for ‘rain cloud’, Deem appeases Arabic speakers as the one that brings ‘financial relief’ and English speakers as the one who is the savior on a ‘rainy day’.

Creative Solution

Deem’s wordmark – a custom geometric sans serif type of lowercase rounded letters – is a symbol of empowerment that encourages customers to take control of their finances. Angled cut along the stem of ‘d’ and subtle shifts in the crossbar angles of ‘ee’ convey friendly balanced movement, tightened kerning of the letterforms instills a sense of approachability and the weight of the letterforms conveys assertive strength.

Deem’s ability to provide financial freedom is showcased in its photography style where people of various ethnicities are engaged in positive life experiences, and are shot in natural light.

The brand’s essence is also reflected in the branch environment where open spaces with minimal furnishing and a plant wall feature to evoke life and freedom.

Project Summary

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