Fifty One East

Crafting a Luxurious Retail Brand

About This Project

Modern Home had operated in Doha for over three generations achieving an iconic status amongst Qataris. However, due to the changing needs of Qatar, increasing competition in the retail industry and expanding range of sophisticated products offered at the store, the time was opportune for Modern Home to reposition itself; a decision that was also fuelled by qualitative research findings.

Keeping in mind the brand’s history and loyal customer base, repositioning and renaming it was a crucial strategic decision that was not to be taken lightly.

Defining an iconic heritage brand


One of the major challenges was renaming an established brand without alienating loyal clientele.  This effectively meant repositioning the store and launching a new name with aspirational appeal and relevance for new and existing Qatar residents. The rebrand also required imbuing an international flavour and providing a platform for future regional expansion.

To develop a name that would resonate with and inspire consumers we looked at many options such as Moderno, which built on Modern Home’s history.

Fresh, new and 100% ownable naming routes relevant to the positioning platform were explored to deliver something truly original.

Completely unique to Qatar is its geographic coordinates 51 degrees East. This was the big idea and the inspiration for recommending Fifty One East as the new brand name. In 2008 the retail brand reinvigorated itself to Fifty One East, as a fitting tribute to the location and people of Qatar.

The strategic platform of Fifty One East has evolved in response to changing business objectives and market circumstances. Currently the positioning is built around bringing to Qatar the most exclusive international brands and offering an experiential retail experience within a culture of expert knowledge and finest service. The essence and tagline promises being “Qatar’s Favourite Department Store” this resonates directly with Fifty One East’s niche target market and makes an emotional connection to Fifty One East.

Creative Solution

The identity comprises an extended word mark working with a stylish numeral treatment of 51 degrees. Purple, at one time the most expensive colour pigment from the far East was chosen as the brand’s signature colour; a colour capable of conveying affluence, regal luxury and status.  The purple Arabic numerals executed with flair have now become a mnemonic device for Fifty One East.

Brand Imagery

Photography is so mainstream and democratised nowadays that it is easy to forget that visual storytelling is a refined art that plays a driving role in shaping a brand’s image.

At Fifty One East imagery plays a key role in transmitting the brand’s DNA. Over the years, through creative photoshoots, James has built a persistent visual message for the store’s customers with a barrage of Qatari location stylised images, across mediums that have become inseparable from the brand.

We’ve built an image or idea that has been central to the brand’s identity in shoppers’ imaginations.

Through consistent imagery, a harmonious identity has emerged, which represents the store’s brand heritage and merchandise and how its ambassadors carry themselves.

As a luxury department store brand, we’ve built Fifty One East’s imagery to be highly distinct and memorable, and one that is always telling a never-ending Qatar story.

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